The following are citations and fines recently issued to companies. After this list are examples of how C.W. Berry Associates has been able to help companies during the appeals process by reducing fines:

Description of Cal/OSHA ViolationCode/SectionFine
Fire Extinguishers not inspected monthly8 CCR 6151(e)(2)$390.00
Employees not trained in fire extinguisher use8 CCR 6151(g)(1)$390.00
Air Tank permits not posted or available8 CCR 461( c )$350.00
Load for mezannine posted by building owner or agent8 CCR 3241(a)$350.00
Clear space around energized electric panels8 CCR 2340.16( c )$500.00
When circuit is abandoned - remove conductors or treat as live8 CCR 2340.24$250.00
Controllers shall be capable of starting the motor it controls8 CCR 2530.82(a)$500.00
Drill Press not secured from moving while in use8 CCR 3328(d)$185.00
All tools shall be restricted to the use intended8 CCR 3556(b)$125.00
Fire Extinguishers shall have signs and be mounted8 CCR 6151$375.00
Circuit breakers shall be legibly marked8 CCR 2340.22(a)$3,375.00
Openings in junction boxes, enclosures or fittings8 CCR 2340.23$3,710.00
Guardrails shall be provided on elevated work locations8 CCR 3210(a)$4,500.00
Blocked exits8 CCR 3223(a)(1)$3,375.00
Compressed air used to blow material from clothing in excess of 10 psi8 CCR 3301(a)$3,375.00
Moving parts of belts/pulleys not guarded8 CCR 4070(a)$4,500.00
Gears, sprockets and chain drives not guarded8 CCR 4075(a)$4,950.00
Foot operated devices not protected from unintended operation8 CCR 4185$3,375.00
Table saw guard missing8 CCR 4300(a)$450.00
Belt sanders - pulleys and unused run of belt not enclosed8 CCR 4312$5,625.00
Boring bits without guard on bit and chuck above work8 CCR 4316(a)$4,500.00
No engineering or administrative controls on noise levels above 90dB8 CCR 5096(b)$5,625.00
Medical evaluation for respirator use not completed8 CCR 5144(e)(1)$225.00
No procedures for cleaning, inspection and repair of respirators8 CCR 5144(h)$3,375.00
No monitoring of airborne contaminates (painting areas)8 CCR 5155(e)(1)$225.00
Hazard Communication Training not done8 CCR 5194(h)(1)$5,625.00
Rags in metal waste cans not emptied daily8 CCR 5453(g)$4,500.00
Arbor ends on buffing machines not guarded8 CCR 4237(b)$14,400.00
Requirements of ventilation system not followed8 CCR 5143( c )(2)$1,200.00
Arbor ends on buffing machines not guarded8 CCR 4237(a)$21,600.00
Initial and annual measurements of ventilation systems not done8 CCR 5143(a)(5)$18,100 (repeat) - $550 first time
First Aid kits not stocked8 CCR 3400$225.00
Ground lug broken of electric cord8 CCR 2510.58$110.00
OSHA Log 300 not maintained8 CCR 14301$275.00
No Injury and Illness Prevention Program8 CCR 3203up to $25,000
Injury and Illness Prevention Program not effective8 CCR 3203(a)$350.00
Injury & Illness Prevention Program - no inspection procedures or disiplinary procedures8 CCR 3203$135.00
Washing facilities not maintained in working order and sanitary8 CCR 3366$5,400.00
Eye Protection not provided in hazardous areas8 CCR 3382$5,400.00
Eyewash and shower stations not provided in appropriate areas8 CCR 5162$5,400.00
Eyewash stations not kept clean or have potable water8 CCR 5162$135.00
Hazardous Materials containers not labeled & with warnings8 CCR 5194  $9,000.00
Permit for Roofing work over 36 feet high8 CCR 341.1(a)$685.00
No records of safety self inspection (IIPP under 3203)8 CCR 1509(a)$135.00
Code of Safe Practices posted at job site8 CCR 1509( c )$135.00
Roof Hazards - fall protection - Jack systems8 CCR 1730(e)$3,710.00
Conveyor Head Pulley not guarded8 CCR 3999(b)$2,475.00
Bench & Pedestal Grinder guards missing8 CCR 3577$3,600.00
Bench Grinder guards not properly set8 CCR 3577$3,600.00
Eye Protection not used around machnines8 CCR 3382(a)$3,600.00
No Point of Operation guards on Punch Presses8 CCR 4206(a)$5,400.00
Flexible cords pulling out of strain relief8 CCR 2500.10(a)$260.00
Roll Former in-running point of operation not guarded8 CCR 4187(a)$9,000.00
Band saw blades not guarded (vertical or horizontal)8 CCR 4310(b)$7,200.00
Forklifts not inspected daily or operated safely8 CCR 3650(s)(7)$260.00
Forklift Drivers not properly certified8 CCR 3668(f)$260.00
OSHA Forklift Poster not posted8 CCR 3664$300.00
Lockout Tagout Program not reviewed annusally8 CCR 3314(h)$135.00
Lockout Tagout not done during machine maintenance8 CCR 3314 $2,475.00
Point of operation guards missing (general)8 CCR 4184(b)$2,475.00
Proper storage of propane cylinders8 CCR 4650(e)$205.00
Oxygen cylinders stored with flammables8 CCR 4650(d)$2,475.00
Horizontal mixer not covered or no interlock on cover8 CCR 4542(a)$2,475.00

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