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q QISP Stormwater Services (QISP certification #00534). Services include ERA Evaluations and Reports and Team Training and all required work in SMARTS. Pricing starts at $1,000 depending on size and complexity of facility. Heavily discounted prices for those with on-going Support Programs

¤Development, revising and completion of Injury and Illness Prevention Program's and Environmental Health and Safety Manuals (IIPP) (in compliance with ISO) - $750 (depends on size, processes and SIC code of facility)

q    Monthly Support Program - $175 per visit/meeting (Training Spanish available)

q    Quarterly Support Program - $275 per quarter (Training Spanish available)

q    Fire Department Hazardous Materials Business Plans in CERS - $400 first time - $100 thereafter

q    Hazardous Waste/Materials Training in compliance with 22 CCR 66265.16 - $200 to $250

q    Evacuation Plans and Maps - $350

q    EPA/DTSC Biennial Reports - $250 first time - $100 thereafter

q    SB14 Waste Minimization Plans and Reports - $300 first time - $100 thereafter

q    EPA SARA Title III Form R Reports - $300 first time - $150 thereafter

q    EPA ID Verification Reports - Free

q    Manifest Fees Reports - $100 Free with on-going program

q    Generator Fees Reports - $100 Free with on-going program

q    Sanitation Districts Self Monitoring Reports - $100 Free with on-going program

q    Sanitation Districts Annual Surcharge Reports - $400 first time - $100 thereafter

q    AQMD Annual Emissions Reports - $400 first time (guideline only, depends on type of facility) - $150 thereafter.

q    AQMD 1469 Initial and Ongoing Compliance Reports - $300 first time - $100 thereafter (ask about 1469.1 compliance)

q    Cost Recovery Programs and Calculations - $300 first time - $100 thereafter

q    Noise Audits, Dosimeter Sampling calculations and reports - $75 per hour/Free with on-going program

q    Phase I Environmental Assessments - $1,000 depending of type of facility

q    Permit-By-Rule Programs - $100

q    Permit-By Rule Reports - $200 first time - $100 thereafter

q    AQMD Permits and filings - $200 for standard filing - $500 for CPP filing

q    DOT Training Programs CD Program is free Class Program is $250

q    Inspections and Reports - $175 per inspection

q    Filing OSHA Appeals - $100/Free with on-going program

q    Defending customers against Cal/OSHA citations - $80 per hour

q    Filing of Public Works and Industrial Wastewater Permits - $500 first time/$200 for 5yr renewal

q    Development of Safety Data Sheets and systems - $200 per book

q    HAZWOPER programs and training 8hr = $400, 24 hr = $1600, 40hr = $2000 or per person quote for over 10 employees

q    Customer Ventilation Monitoring - $150 including report (free with on-going program)

q    Customer Air Quality Monitoring - $75 per hour

q    Respiratory Protection Programs, Training - $100

q    Respirator Fit Testing - $25 per person

q    Total Organics Management Programs - $100

q    Sexual Harassment Program Development and Training - $275 minimum (English & Spanish available)

q    Confined Space Program Development and Training - $100 for program - $200 for class

q    Slug Control Plans & Spill Prevention Plans - $100

q    Lockout/Tagout Program Development and Training - $100 for program - $250 for certificate program

q    Liaison and meetings with Insurance Company Reps for customers Free with on-going program

q    Accident Investigations for customers - $100

q    Supervision of training curriculum for all customers - Free

q    All On-Site Contractor Inspections and reports - $175 each

q    Research on regulatory and legal updates from ALL agencies and departments - Free

q    Training of employees in all technical areas $250 per session or $80 per hour (English & Spanish available)


All prices are subject to change. These prices reflect basic guidelines. Prices can be adjusted according to requirements of project and customer needs. Prices Effective June 3, 2008.


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