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December 20, 2016 - I am now certified as a QISP for those of you who are required to have an Industrial Stormwater Permit and have problems in that area and need an Exceedance Response Action Level 1 Evaluation and Report. Call or fill out the Contact form and we will get right back to you!

If you repair tires in your shop, make sure you have people with documented training and that you have "Industry Standard" procedures information on site. There are on-line courses available for ASE, and we have information for you for free! Email or use feedback page to request information.

Make sure you have completed hazardous waste training (if you generate hazardous waste) with ANYONE! who has ANYTHING to do with handling waste in compliance with 22 CCR 66265.16 in California and 40 CFR 265.16 anywhere else in the country. There are specific requirements that cover training, job descriptions and reference to job title and regulations on training sign off sheets. Call me or use the Feedback Page if you need help.

The DTSC, EPA and CUPA are out in force. They are especially targeting metal finishers and related industries. What are they writing up? The usual stuff like labeling and uncovered containers, but also the following:

  • Accumulation Start Dates
  • Hazardous Materials/Waste Training under 22 CCR 66265.16
  • PE Certifications of tanks and secondary containment
  • Permit (from CUPA) for treatment of cyanide waste (cyanide destruction)
  • Secondary containment of piping
  • Labeling of containers, including empty drums or containers, permanent labeling of FTU's
  • Mistakes of any kind on manifests or reports - even typos

I have checklists from some reports, some of which are over 60 pages long!! I can only believe that this sudden surge in inspections at this time is an attempt to "extort" more money from small business! So lets get to work do everything we can to keep our earnings in OUR pockets and out of the governments!! Use the feedback page if you need a copy of the checklist.

We have added a new program to train those who are dispensing propane, including filling portable propane tanks such as those for Forklifts, BBQs and propane tanks in Motorhomes and other RVs. This is a CETP from the Propane Association and compliant the Federal and State regulations.

Make sure auto dealers and others who service air conditioners in vehicles have documentation that your technicians have been through an EPA approved Freon Training course. The EPA is issuing fines averaging $10,000 each (after negotiations) to facilities that do not have the proper documentation. Certification is easy and can be done on-line very inexpensively.



Well, thanks for "listening" and please visit us again!

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